At Chilled Packaging we are committed to protecting the worlds finite resources and to ensure that all of our solutions have a positive impact on the environment. Within our Research and Development Centre, our Packaging Experts are constantly evaluating and testing new materials whilst further enhancing our current range of temperature controlled solutions to ensure that they are of the highest level of performance but the lowest level of impact on the environment.

Fully recyclable and re-usable insulated packaging systems allow our customers to deliver their goods to any location whilst retaining control over product temperatures no matter what the environmental conditions. This, ultimately, removes the need for redeliveries, eliminates costly food waste and further reduces the overall environmental impact.

Chilled Packaging produces a comprehensive range of fully tested, environmentally responsible solutions to meet the wide and varied needs of the temperature controlled market.

For more information on our range of environmentally responsible, insulated packaging systems please contact us on 01536 204080