Flexible Gel Packs



per unit

Bespoke & Branded

The gel packs contain an industry leading formula, giving you a product that stays colder for longer. There are several sizes we can supply these in & if ordering per pallet we can also supply them in cardboard trays, which allow more air circulation reducing your costs of freezing the product. The pre-filled product is non-toxic & completely food safe, & you don’t have to soak it in water like some of its counterparts. The coolants can be customised with your own logo (subject to a minimum order).


  • 100% recyclable
  • Pre-filled (no need to soak in water)
  • Food safe & non-toxic
  • High quality seal
  • Do not stick together once frozen


Why not re-use them? These gel packs are great for picnics or lunchboxes, but if you want to dispose of them, simply cut the corner of the pack and dispose of the contents through the normal domestic waste system. The contents are benign, given the dilution of the polymer and purification of the water they are not at all harmful to the environment however, gel packs are not for consumption. The outer film is totally recyclable as LDPE 4.

CP-GP1000-1 1000 225 190 24 units (1 case)
CP-GP1000-2 1000 335 190 24 units (1 case)
CP-GP500-2 500 280 190 48 units (1 case)
CP-GP500-1 500 160 190 48 units (1 case)
CP-GP250-2 250 300 100 90 units (1 case)
CP-GP500-4 500 600 100 48 units (1 case)
CP-GP375-3 375 450 100 60 units (1 case)


These pre-filled gel packs can be branded with your own logo!

A minimum order quantity of 5,000 square metres of film which equates to roughly 70,000 gel packs, which can then be ordered by the pallet.

Please call 01536 204080 or email [email protected], for more details.