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Which system is right for me?

Once you have decided on the temperature and duration, our website will give you several options to choose from, you can search by market sector or temperature range. If you are still unsure please call 01536 204080 or email [email protected] and we will be happy to help.

How do the gel packs work?

The pre-filled gel packs contain an industry leading formula, with phase change taking place at -6°C giving you a product that stays colder for longer. Just put them in your freezer & once they have frozen solid, they are ready to be used alongside our chilled systems.

Can the gel packs be recycled?

Why not re-use them? These gel packs are great for picnics or lunchboxes, but if you want to dispose of them, simply cut the corner of the pack and dispose of the contents through the normal domestic waste system. The contents are benign, given the dilution of the polymer and purification of the water they are not at all harmful to the environment. The outer film is totally recyclable as LDPE 4.

How many coolants do I need?

Each of our systems has recommended number of coolants to use, on the website. If you want a bespoke system, or you have a system & you don’t know how many gel packs to use please call 01536 204080 or email [email protected] & we will be happy to help.

How long does dry ice last for?

Dry ice can last for up to a week when kept in the thermally insulated container that we deliver the ice In. The ice will then naturally sublimate between 3 to 4% a day if kept out of direct sunlight.

Are the systems recyclable?

Our NiceCube, Cube-Bee, Gourmet Food, Standard Food and Ice Cube Systems are all made from recyclable materials. The polystyrene boxes can be disposed of at your local recycling centre.

What are the UK legal temperature requirements for shipping food?

The Food Standard’s Agency state in their guidelines, that cold food must be kept at 8°C or below. The only exceptions would be certain cured and smoked products, where the temperature is dependent on the method of curing. For frozen products the requirement is -18°C with a tolerance of 3°C (not warmer than -15°C).

Do I have to take the standard sizes?

No you don’t! At Chilled Packaging we are specialist designers and manufacturers with a constantly evolving product range. We can work with you to develop the most effective insulated packaging for your requirements, to give you your very own bespoke insulated system. If you are interested in designing packaging specifically for your own needs and products range, then please call on 01536 204080 or email [email protected]

Are your packaging products food safe?

All the products we supply are classed as secondary packaging & approved as food grade.