Standard Food Systems

Standard Food Systems



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Bespoke & Branded

Standard Food Systems used with gel or water ice mats, have been designed & validated to keep your perishable products chilled below +8°C for 24 hours. The temperature controlled systems consists of a strong double walled carton, & a three part protective insulated foam liner set. They are fully validated over a realistic but very high standard laboratory controlled test & this is a cost effective way of shipping your fresh food.

Benefits of Using the Standard Food Systems

  • Inexpensive postal costs compared with dedicated refrigerator vehicles
  • Supplied flat packed to save on storage space
  • Quick & easy to assemble
  • Reusable, wipe clean, moisture resistant insulated liner
  • Excellent impact protection
  • Cartons can be printed with your own branding
  • Keeps chilled foods below +8°C for at least 24hours (when using Chilled Packaging gel or ice packs)
  • 100% recyclable

To purchase samples please ring 01536 204080 or email [email protected]

  L W H L W H
SFS-3 174 127 205 205 153 235
SFS-12 374 284 205 400 310 230
SFS-15 564 334 150 590 360 176
SFS-22 454 284 310 480 310 340


SFS-3 2 x GP500-1 or 2 x GP500-2
SFS-12 5 x GP500-1, 5 x GP500-2 or 5 x IP450-18
SFS-15 6 x GP500-1, 6 x GP500-2 or 6 x IP450-18
SFS-22 8 x GP500-1, 8 x GP500-2 or 8 x IP450-18


With a minimum order quantity of 250 cartons & a small one off charge for the print stereo, you can have your own bespoke Standard Food carton branded with your very own logo.

With just a few simple steps & your product could be in the market place with its own identity.

  1. Choose the size carton you would like from our stock range/ or choose your own individual size.
  2. Decide where you would like the print to go sides/top flaps?
  3. Decide on pantone colour, 1 or 2 colours.

Send your logo with all the details to [email protected]