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Water Ice Mats

These coolant packs are perfect for all the systems we supply & you can be assured when using them with our insulated products that, your product is being sent in a fully validated temperature controlled system.

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CP-IP450-18 (£10.08 per case) 21p per pack
CP-IP225-9 (£14.40 per case)15p per pack
CP-IP150-6 (£17.28 per case ) 12p per pack
CP-IP75-3 £23.04 per case 8p per pack



The water ice mats are filled with sterile water, with their small pocket design they can easily be wrapped around your product. These too are pre-filled & can be put straight in your freezer in their delivered boxes.


  • 100% Recyclable
  • Pre-filled (no need to soak in water)
  • Food Safe & non-toxic
  • High quality Seal
  • Do not stick together once frozen


Internal Dimensions

Code Weight (gms) Colour Dimensions (mm)
      L W
CP-IP450-18 450 Clear 375 300
CP-IP225-9 225 Clear 300 180
CP-IP150-6 150 Clear 300 120
CP-IP75-3 75 Clear 300 60

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