Branded Chilled Packaging

Bespoke Packaging

At Chilled Packaging we specialise in design, manufacture & development of insulated fully validated packaging. With multiple manufacturing sites across the UK, we can offer a local service nationwide.

With our ongoing new product development & our fully established laboratory our sales team can work with you to develop the most effective insulated packaging for your requirements. Several questions will need answering to give you a bespoke insulated system;

  • Shipping environment
  • Product dimensions
  • Product fragility
  • Product temperature
  • Handling and storage
  • Stackability
  • Ease of packing
  • Re-usability
  • Validation and testing

Branded Cartons

All of our outer cartons for the NiceCube, Cube-Bee, Gourmet Food, Standard Food & Ice Cube system can be branded with your logo. We simply ask you to supply the following information & we can quote you, for quantities as small as only 250 cartons:

  • How many colours do you want your logo printed in?
  • Would you like your carton to be brown (kraft) or white?
  • What size would you like?
  • What quantities would you like (greater than 250)?


Once you have decided please either ring us on 01536 204080 or email [email protected]

Branded Carry Home Bags

We can offer a fully bespoke bag which can be printed with your own logo design in up to six colours, for a minimum order of 1000 bags. Just supply the following information & we can quote.

  • How many colours would you like your logo to be printed in?
  • White size bag would you like?
  • Would you like it printed on a white or silver bag?
  • What quantities would you like (greater than 1000)?


Once you have decided please either ring us on 01536 204080 or email [email protected]

Branded Gel Packs

To have a bespoke branded gel pack you would need to be able to order 5000sqm of your own branded film, which is equivalent to 80,000 gel packs. For a quote we would need the following information;

  • Number of colours for your logo
  • Size of gel packs required
CP-GP500-2 500gms 280 190 48 units (1 case)
CP-GP500-1 500gms 160 190 48 units (1 case)
CP-GP250-2 250gms 300 100 90 units (1 case)
CP-GP500-4 500gms 600 100 48 units (1 case)
CP-GP375-3 375gms 450 100 60 units (1 case)







Once you have decided on the specification of the gel packs, we can quote you for the one off cost for the film, stereo & an ongoing purchase price for the gel pack.